About MeetMotivate

In a large city like Toronto, with increasing economic responsibilities, professional competition, and ever challenging relationships both in the work place and in daily life, it can often be challenging to stay focused on success in our personal goals and direction.  MeetMotivate provides a motivational, peer focused community for supportive personal and career growth, goal and project development, and personal networking.  The community is designed around strengthening character, launching projects, and developing time-enduring colleagues and friendships with like minded life and goal conscious individuals.  

Personal and past success is not to be undervalued, but without great attitude, perseverance and ability, it will only get you so far – in fact, many individuals who become rich often reflect at how many times they failed before making it big.  Failure in tasks can often teach us important lessons, as long as we perservere with passion and we choose to improve on our shortcomings, so as not to make the same mistakes twice. At MeetMotivate individuals are recognized and appreciated for their skills and passions; we welcome each other in order to advance our skill-sets and share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of each other. Meetings consist of a combination of special group activities, methodology lessons, motivational discussions, brainstorming, leadership and participation activities, socializing, personal project and goal planning, project and goal monitoring and discussion. Click on Events or browse our MeetMotivate Meetups on the right to learn more!

GROUP to WIN is a talent sharing resource pool for individuals who wish to play a part in this community of positivity. Whatever your skill, whether it’s more technical, social, financial, media, general labour or skilled labour based, there is power in collective unity and networking. Joining is easy, and it can give you access to a countless directory of passionate and skilled, goal focused individuals who are consistently working to expand and achieve the next level. (By signing up to GROUP to WIN, you agree to the philosophies and practices of MeetMotivate and GROUP to WIN, as outlined in our general mission statement.)