If you have goals in your life, and you achieve them, with or without knowing it, you probably see life as a series of projects.  Projects can be done by individuals on their own, but they are often more rewarding and more successful when a number of people come together to form something beyond the scope of one person’s abilities.  

Think of the simplest, most common example: a marriage or relationship.  There are other forms of common relationships, but I use this one to illustrate the binary nature of social negotiation. Once we move up to three or more people, the social dynamic changes, and this dynamic changes each time you add another person to the mix. Good habits are the key to moving projects forward, and good habits are the outcome of routine.  Working together, and meeting together at regular intervals creates a relationship of implied accountability, that when successful can allow us to hold each other and ourselves accountable without feelings of remorse, guilt, avoidance or discomfort.  This habitual routine of regularly scheduled communication – or meetings, are the first step to changing our mind state, and sculpting an environment that will pervade into our consciousness and slowly work it’s way into our every day lives.  Speak about your goals with people who care to listen.  Accountability is the next step, but the first one is being conscious of them on a regular habitual basis.